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The North Alabama Birdwatchers Society (NABS) is truly a birding group for everyone, from beginners to experts. We will visit a variety of beautiful areas across northern Alabama, most of which are included on the North Alabama Birding Trail (NABT). By birding with NABS you'll have the opportunity to go out with experienced people who are familiar with the areas we visit and who love to share their knowledge. NABS also provides greater access to certain natural areas where birding by car is restricted to groups.

Although the focus is on birds, NABS outings are also a great way to become more familiar with other flora and fauna found in our area. The places we'll visit are representative of most of the natural habitat types found here and provide excellent opportunities to study and appreciate such groups as wildflowers, trees, insects, reptiles/amphibians and mammals. Some NABS regulars have considerable knowledge of these other groups and would be glad to answer questions and provide information during trips.

Our regular meeting time is Saturday, 7:00 am for most trips, although we have a few Sunday outings and a couple of late-morning meeting times planned this year. Half-day trips are the norm, although some will include extended birding into the afternoon for those interested. Bring your binoculars, spotting scopes, field guides, refreshments, bug repellent and raingear; in light rain we go, in heavy rain we cancel.

Send your comments, questions and suggestions to Rufina or Ken Ward, 1689 Longleaf Drive , Huntsville , AL 35806 (256-837-5646).

If we don't already have your email address, please consider sending it to us to add to the NABS mailing list. We can then email you this schedule, as well as trip reminders, species lists and a few other items of interest. In addition, here is a copy of the schedule.